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6 Tips for Styling Memorable Wedding Tables

Want to design a table that is as special as the day it's for? Here are 6 tips to help you create the tables of your dreams. Shop Table Numbers 1. Use Decor with Varying Heights Not only does it make tables feel more dynamic & cohesive it also gives the whole room a more classy feel as taller centerpieces draw attention to the room’s grandeur. 2. Think about Texture Silk tablecloths, lace table runners, velvet napkins, tulle skirting... There are so many options when it comes to fabric. Think beyond the look and consider the touch and feel for a fully immersive experience. 3. Personalize it Think out of the box and get something truly unique, from custom themed table...

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6 Reasons I Love My New Last Name

There’s no right or wrong answer when deciding to take your husband's last name but here is why I’m so glad I did! 1. Tradition My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents all did it. There is something romantic about taking his name and following in my ancestors footsteps. 2. We’re Together I love being introduced as Mr. & Mrs Wilson or getting to sign a card with our shared surname. It’s a special reminder that we do life together. 3. A Fresh Start A new name, new marriage, new life! My new last name continually reminds me of the new person I get to be in this beautiful marriage. 4. Commitment Changing your name is a really big deal! I wouldn’t...

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