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6 Tips for Styling Memorable Wedding Tables

Want to design a table that is as special as the day it's for? Here are 6 tips to help you create the tables of your dreams.

1. Use Decor with Varying Heights

Not only does it make tables feel more dynamic & cohesive it also gives the whole room a more classy feel as taller centerpieces draw attention to the room’s grandeur.

2. Think about Texture

Silk tablecloths, lace table runners, velvet napkins, tulle skirting... There are so many options when it comes to fabric. Think beyond the look and consider the touch and feel for a fully immersive experience.

wedding table setting linen gold wedding decor center piece

3. Personalize it

Think out of the box and get something truly unique, from custom themed table sign to style individual place names there are so many options to make your wedding truly yours. Plate Names are a great way to add your personalized touch!

4. Try Different Materials

Wood, stone, mosaic, ceramic, glass or metal. Whether it be a vase or another element alternate materials can add a really stunning touch to your table.

Table number rustic wood greenery

5. Explore the Options

Don't restrict yourself to the norm. Elegant Table Numbers, personalized wedding signs or folded napkins are visually engaging and add a special flare. There are so many options out there, browse around and get inspired!

6. Speak to your Style

Make it personal. Do something you like, that brings you joy. This is your special day after all. Decor helps to make your special day truly yours. Add charm & elegance by selecting pieces that speak to you.

Our Table Numbers are designed specifically to highlight beauty of your centerpieces as well as fit seamlessly into the style and feel of your reception. They are made out of real wood and are available in several styles and 8 different colors! No matter your style, we can make a numbers complement it.

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