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7 Overlooked Items When Planning Your Wedding

Everyone knows to book a venue, photographer, caterer, and transportation. Here are 7 often overlooked items to add to the list.

1. Don’t forget the vendors’ meals

Be sure to include the band, photographers etc. in the final head count for your food. Oh ya, and remember to count yourselves too!

2. Bring a change of clothes

Don’t forget to pack a change of clothes so you’re ready for the next day.

3. Budget your time, like you do your money

Make sure to leave reasonable amounts of time for things leading up to the wedding. Ordering a gown, alterations, decorations and last minute changes can be costly, so plan ahead and leave enough time!

4. Plan a snack pack for the day

Pack a tray of fruits, energy bars, and lots of water to keep you fueled up on the big day.

5. Bring an extra bouquet of flowers

If you plan to throw one, yet want to keep yours, consider using a stunt double.

6. Remember to budget for gratuities

If you overlook the 10-20% gratuities, you may be in for a sticker shock after the wedding.

7. Plan your decor well in advance

Decor helps to make a truly unique experience for all your guests. Be sure to plan and order any custom items months in advance to save on costly rush shipping and make sure you have everything for your big day. 

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