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6 Reasons I Love My New Last Name

There’s no right or wrong answer when deciding to take your husband's last name but here is why I’m so glad I did!

1. Tradition

My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents all did it. There is something romantic about taking his name and following in my ancestors footsteps.

2. We’re Together

I love being introduced as Mr. & Mrs Wilson or getting to sign a card with our shared surname. It’s a special reminder that we do life together.

3. A Fresh Start

A new name, new marriage, new life! My new last name continually reminds me of the new person I get to be in this beautiful marriage.

4. Commitment

Changing your name is a really big deal! I wouldn’t do it for just anybody. I took my husband's name because he’s really special and I want to be with him forever.

5. Family Team

We’re starting a team together, a family. Right now it’s just us but it’s really sweet to think that down the road as team Wilson grows we’ll all have the same last name.

6. A Close Bond

Sharing a last name makes me feel unified as a couple. There's an empowering feeling when you are tied to someone and the love you share

New Last Name Hype!

I’m ecstatic about my new last name. Maybe you are too. Why not show it off? Yell it from the streets, or make a custom sign for your living room wall.