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Hanging Signs Instructions

We don't include hanging solutions because our signs get used in so many different ways. Depending on where you are hanging it these are our recommendations: 

Wall (Permanent)

For permanently hanging your sign on a wall we recommend mounting tape as it is a very secure and versatile option. You can easily pick some up at a hardware store or on amazon

Wall (Temporary)

For a temporary and easily removable solution on walls and other hard surfaces. Velcro command strips work well. Follow the directions in the command strip packaging or look at them here

If needed cut the command strips into smaller pieces so they aren't visible once the sign is on the wall.

Hedge Wall (Easy)

If you're wanting to hang it in front of a backdrop or a greenery wall. You can use fishing line to suspend it or tie it to the wall, depending on your setup. 

Hedge Wall (Hard)

Another option for hanging your sign long term in front of a hedge wall permanently is this more complicated method. Where you want your sign to go take nails and put them into the wall behind the hedge wall. Make them stick out from the wall and stick through the hedge wall. You want the head of the nail to be where you want the back of the sign to be. Put a bunch of nails in all sticking out the same amount and located behind where different parts of your sign will be. Then hot glue your sign to the heads of the nails. 


If you run into any trouble or need any help feel free to reach out. :)

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